Da’wah to Atheists: Five Minutes

When you give da’wah to atheists, give them five minutes of your time, then move on. If you can’t convince them in five minutes, you won’t be able to in five centuries.

As proof that you should focus your da’wah on other then atheists, consider the Qur’an. How many verses did Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) reveal to the Jews and Christians (People of the Book)? Countless. To the mushrikeen, the polytheistic Arabs? Dozens upon dozens. To the atheists? Three to seven.

Think about that. Three to seven verses only. Subhanallah. Why? Why so few?

Belief in Allah is self-evident. It’s part of the fitrah, the natural inclination of every human being. Someone who denies something so self-evident is not terribly intelligent, and definitely not worth spending effort on. (How long would you debate with someone who tells you, while outside on a sunny day, that the sun is not shining on them? Two seconds?)

Turn your purposes to more productive purposes and inshaAllah you will see more benefit from your actions.

May Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) purify our da’wah and accept our good actions, ameen.


Yasir Qadhi. Lecture. AlMaghrib. Light of Guidance. University of Toronto, Toronto. March 2006.


13 thoughts on “Da’wah to Atheists: Five Minutes

  1. Niqaabi1210

    Asalmaualaikum warhamtullah,

    oh boy, thats so true subhanAllah.
    Atheist don’t deserve our precious time.
    at times debatin can lead one to kufr.

    Shaykh Yasir mashaAllah he is awesome lecturer. May Allah swt preserve him Ameen.

    Wasalmaualikum warhamtullahi wabaraktahu.

  2. Slave of ArRahmaan

    Jazak’Allaah Kheir for the notes.

    Question: Did the shaikh actually tell us the hand full of verses revealed for atheists? I only recall the one where Quran asks them “Did they create themself or where they created…”

  3. ashiq Post author

    Yes, the shaykh said exactly “three to seven, there’s difference of opinion”. I tend to try and write down everything word-for-word, so I’m sure he said it. Allahu ‘alim if he made a mistake.

  4. Slave of ArRahmaan

    Yes he did. I meant…did he actually tell us which ones?? Like which surah/verses? I’m trying to come up with a phamplet directed towards atheists.

  5. ashiq Post author

    The only verse he mentioned, according to my notes, is Surah Tur, verse 35. Perhaps if you hit up Google, you might find other people who have studied the issue and gathered the verses. (If you do, please post them here in a comment. Jazaki-Allahu khayr!)

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  7. Kamal

    I disagree with you… The Prophet. (PBUH) had a chance if he so willed to destory the unbelivers but the prophet (pbuh) didnt u know why cuz maybe just maybe one day they will convert…and what you sayin…is too lose hope to doubt to turn a blind eye… and for me i think that is wrung…cuz maybe one day they might js turn…

  8. Azman

    There can someone who denies GOD through out the whole life but accept Allah just before he dies. Allah Ya Fattah is responsible for opening ones heart and it is unto Him that we should ask for hwlp to bring anyone to Islam. We must never give up ever as Da’e.

  9. nb

    You say that the quran only talks about atheists in 3-7 verses. But my understanding of atheism is one who REJECTS GOD i.e KAFIR
    and we all know that this is mentioned many times in the quran….But i appreciate what you’re saying is do you’re bit but dont waste your time. I would say that as long as they want to talk to you about it seriously and not mock you then we have a duty to explain to them the best we can. wasalaam

  10. EnjoiningKnowledge


    It is unfortunate that some view Atheists as those not worth discussing matters with. With all due respect to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, but perhaps the respected Shaykh needs to walk outside his field of expertise and note the rapid spread of Neo-Atheism and Secularism, all across the world.

    It has even neutered the likes of Christianity to the point of rendering Christians quite Secular themselves. Most of the moral values Christians hold to today are informed primarily by Secular Humanism. The Qur’an speaks about those who deny Allah’s Existence far more than just seven times. One needs to understand what constitutes Atheism: the absence of faith, especially and particularly in a Deity or deities.

    The Qur’an references those who deny Allah’s authority many times. Further, the Qur’an references those who take false gods besides Allah. Atheists are often materialists and treat the material world and material laws as the underlying power behind the Universe. As such, they are also referenced in such verses. There are countless other examples, especially with regards to the arrogance of those with Kufr in their hearts. Atheists are referenced here too, because many have much arrogance in their hearts. They believe themselves to be the enlightened ones, free of dogmatism. However, simply look at the dogmatic approach of the neo-Atheists, and you will see how deluded they truly are.

    Shaykh Abu Adam has written on Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s opposition towards things such as proving the existence of God (something traditional scholars of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah such as Al-Ghazzali had provided in great detail), and the authenticity of the Qur’an as a Divine text. I refer you all to it. May Allah (SWT) reward both Shaykhs for their noble intentions and efforts!


  11. Salam Ghamidi


    I totally dont agree with the above opinion of the Sheikh. Islam encourages us to be critical and use our minds and the first thing an Athiest does is refuse the “Traditional” concepts of religion and Gods which he is been told to by his parents of society. All of the Atheists are at one time of their lives believers in God. what makes them denounce the concept of God is the confusing things they find in their religions. its the duty of us Muslims to introduce them to Allah’s word and i feel that its easier to give Dawa to an Atheist as compared to a Christian or a Jew or any other religious person. Sheikh could only see one side of the picture as far as the counting of the verses of Quran is concerned. what if i say that Allah has spoken so less about the Atheists in the Quran because they need they least amount of an effort from us to be guided towards Quran and Islam? and he spoke more about Christians and Jews because we need to work harder on them???
    Everyone deserves our best of efforts to be invited to the way of Allah.
    Allah knows the best.

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