Ask the Readers: Questions about Salah?

Edit: Jazakumullahu khayran to everybody who provided feedback. It seems like there’s a lot of demand for this kind of thing. Insha’Allah we’ll see more posts like this in the future.

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Salah. We cannot emphasize the importance of salah–the dividing line of Islam and Kufr. The first thing asked about on the Day of Judgment. The last thing the Messenger of Allah mentioned before he passed away.

Maybe you’ve been Muslim a day. A year. Maybe 10, 20, 50 years. Everyone has nagging questions about salaah–things they always wanted to know, but never had the chance to find out. Things they “heard,” but never got to verify. Or just things they wanted to ask but didn’t know where to look.

Maybe you want to know things like:

  • What are some other du’as I can recite when sitting, etc.?
  • Can I make du’a in English in my fard salah?
  • What’s the deal with going down hands-first or knees first?
  • Is wiping over socks legit?
  • What are the du’as for rukoo’ and sujood, and how do I pronounce them?
  • What should I do about Fajr if I wake up and the sun has already risen?
  • How do I wake up for Tahajjud?

This is your chance to get your questions answered. What questions do YOU have about salah? Post them in the comments. We’ll do our best insha’Allah to get the answers to as many of them as we can.

Rejoice! And tell us what you want to know! Allah says, if you don’t know, ask the people of knowledge! (We’re not them, but insha’Allah we have connections.) This is a rare opportunity to find out things specific to you!

Wallahu musta’aan. We ask Allah to give us all fiqh (understanding) of our deen. Ameen!

Action Items:

  • Post a question! Click on “Comment on this Post,” and ask a question you have for yourself, and one question that someone you know has.
  • Tell your friends. Ask them to visit Ilm Fruits and post their questions, too.

70 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Questions about Salah?

  1. Ilm Seeker Post author

    @U Shahid, sunnah is not more important than fard. Fard is the top.
    @AR, wa’alikum as-salaam; I don’t know, insha’Allah I will look into it and find out.

  2. Ilm Seeker Post author

    @AR got this in my email from a sister:

    AsSalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah AR,

    When women pray in Jamat, the “imam” (recitor) does not stand by herself in front of everyone, like when men pray. The woman who is leading must stand in the middle of the first row. Also, they should not recite as loud as men. Her voice should be soft and at a level sufficient enough for her followers to hear only. Every other rule is the same as men.

    Concerning reciting after the Imam: You should not recite after the Imam when he is reciting out loud in congregation. You are suppose to stay silent and pay attention. The only thing you must say is “Aameen” after Surah Faatiha and Rabana Wa Lakal Hamd(softly) before the sajdah. You must, however, recite Surah Faatiha to yourself when the Imam recites it to himself in congregation. And yes, this rules applies to women, as well.

    Allah(swt) knows best.

  3. Ameena

    Wa Alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullah,

    It all depends on what you did during the night:

    -If you had sexual relations with your wife and/or had a wet dream, then you are required to make gusl before the salah.

    -If none of the above mentioned acts occured, then the wudhu would be sufficient before salah.

  4. Wilfred Hather


    I am interested in learning more about Islam, and I would like to know why there are differences in the times for Salah and what is done in Salah across the world and in different schools of law. Does it matter which one you follow, and is there such thing as a “standard” timing and Salah “ritual”.


    Wilfred Hather



    Have ? Why asians are praying 4 rakah sunnah & why GULF countries muslim are praying 2 rakah & 2 rakah sunna pls advise asap.

  6. nooruddin himani


    I have a quistion about ayatul kursi . Can we recite the ayat ul kusi in namaz after suray fatiya

  7. Ameena

    @Nooruddin Himani

    Wa Alaikum Salaam

    Yes, it is permissible to recite Ayatul Kursi in namaaz after surah Fatiha. I have heard other imams do this.

    Allah(swt) knows best.

  8. Ameena

    @Wilfred Hather:

    Im not sure about what you mean in your first question concerning the salah time, but I’ll attempt to answer it anyway:

    Because different parts of the world have different time zones, salah times will vary. The salah time must constantly change in order for it to be performed during the right time of the day. Every salaah has a beginning and ending time. For example in the US, the earliest time to pray Dhur is 12:00 pm and the latest is around 2:30 – 3:00. So we basically have almost a 3 hour time slot to pray. There is no such thing as standard and ritual timing, as far as I know. During the day of the Prophet(saws), before clocks were invented, they used the sun’s position in order to determine the salaah times. That how it’s done to this day.

    As far as your other question concerning what other people do around the world in salah–I don’t know. All I know is that the Prophet(saws) taught his followers how to pray and that’s how we are also suppose to do it. And concerning the different schools of thoughts (law)–I’ve learned a little about them, but not much. However, Allah(swt) told us in the Qur’an to not divide ourselves. Many people I know who follow some of these schools of thoughts start to divide themselves. For example, they call themselves Sunni/Shia/Wahabi/etc Muslims. This is wrong. If someone asks what type of Muslim you are, you should reply by saying, ” I am a Muslim. I follow the commandments of Allah(swt) and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.” Simple as that.

    *Please know, I am not a scholar. However, I try my best to learn as much as I can about Islam. But please double check any answer I have give above.*


  9. Bilal Ahmad

    dear sir i want to know about the whole procedure praying with imam.
    especially when i meet with imam in second rakat. and when i joined the imam in third should i start my prayer. i had to strt with sana. or when meet in third or fourth rkat with imam. what should i read. sana or only fatiha.
    plz answer this must

  10. Bilal Ahmad

    i want to know how to say prayer with imam after late joining and what should i read first while meeting imam in 2nd or 3rd rakat. if i had to read sana or surah fatiha…
    and when imam completed prayer and slam and i stand up to complete my remainig rakat, then what i should read at start..sana or fatiha
    plz reply me on this mail address

  11. Abu.

    Pls i need an answer i.e a hadith or evidence that says the imam in a prayer should be the only person whose voice is suppose to be heard?

  12. Sambo abdulrasaq

    Walaik salam,actually it is sunnatic wearing shoe while praying.bcos many hadith of prophet backed it up like 555 sohih muslim. And even it could be found in bukhari too.but with the condition that the shoe wearing has no impurity source like matching urine,stools.etc.because almighty allah is pure and will not take anything except that case,we are advised to put off our shoes when praying in order to clear our conscience out of doubt.wallahu ahlam

  13. Sambo abdulrasaq

    Walaik as-salam.if u meet imam in the second rakat,count that(2nd)to be your first rakat then cntinue with the imam.when imam finished and sallam,you will not sallam,you will stand up and cover up the one you will recite only fath’ it’s 2 rakat u missed,only fath’ah for the two.if it’s 3 rakats u missed,1st with surah and tashaud while sitting and the remaing 2 rakat,with fath’at only.ALLAH IS THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE.

  14. Shabina Mansuri

    I am working in an add agency and with efforts get to read namaaz in any of the conference room which is vacant. can i read only 4 rakaat farz for zohar. Awaiting your reply

  15. Ameena


    ALLAH(swt) has told us in Surah Munafiqoon (the Hypocrite), Ayah 9, “O you who have believed, let not your wealth and your children divert you from remembrance of Allah . And whoever does that – then those are the losers.” When Allah(swt) says ‘wealth’, HE was also referring to your job.

    The Prophet(saws) also said on the Day of Judgment, the first thing we will be questioned about is our salah. If the Fard was not accepted, Allah will then look for Sunnah, and if that was not accepted, HE will look for Nafls.

    Unless you know your Fard is perfect, I highly recommend you perform your Sunnah. I doubt ANYONE could perform a salah without being distracted, mentally or physically. Therefore, you will definitely need those Sunnah. Try your best to get them in at work. Your job should be no excuse to cut your salah.

    One final hadith: The Prophet(saws) also said those who perform 12 rakah of Sunnah everyday, Allah(swt) will build for him a castle in Jannah.

    And Allah knows best.

  16. farooq kasmani

    How to perform salaah if there is no water for wuzu 2.nd how to offer sslaahif we dont know the kiblaa direction

  17. farooq kasmani

    How to perform salaah if there is no water for wuzu 2.nd how to offer sslaahif we dont know the kiblaa direction

    How to identify the direction of kiblaah if we are out of muslim locality

  18. Awwal

    Jazakum lahu kahiran for your striving may Allah reward you abundantly. Can you please answer the questions you listed in the body of the write up above? Ma sha allah i wish that these questions are answered.

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