Follow the Sunnah – Week 5

Here is the sunnah items, we will be focusing on in this week:

Making Dua:

  • Raise your hands
  • Glorify and praise Allah, in the beginning and at the end
  • Send salutations on Prophet (May Allah Peace and Blessing be on him) in the beginning and at the end
  • Cry while making dua



Tip of the Week:

But things like this and this one for your kids

Action Item:

  1. Memorize the duas from the sunnah: Mashary Qunoot Dua, Alhuda Masnoon Duas Collection, Saad al Ghamdi Qunoot Dua – Learn some ways to praise and glorify Allah in the duas

Inshallah, next week, we will look at the sunnah on wearing clothes and going out of the house

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Booklet: Sunnah Checklist – published by Alhuda International (download link)


11 thoughts on “Follow the Sunnah – Week 5

  1. Ayesha

    Assalamualikum …jazakAllahukhairan for the post..could please give the reference of the hadith which encourages wiping the face with the hands after the dua…barakAllahufeek

  2. Student of Knowledge Post author

    Jazakallah Khair to the people, who corrected for the mistake. In the original post, it mentions to wipe the face after making the dua. This however is not authentic ( It is fixed now.
    I am using the Booklet published by Alhuda and hence assumed that it has verified stuff. Perhaps the online pdf is old.
    If anyone has the latest published booklet from Alhuda, would be good to verify with the pdf.

  3. 'Uthmān

    In the book by Sh. Yasir Qadhi on Du’a, he mentions that the issue of wiping the face after Du’a is one over which there is a valid difference of opinion. If I remember correctly, all the ahadeeth which mention it are weak, but some scholars believe that the various weak ahadeeth can strengthen each other.

  4. Shahid Khan

    Salaamun Alaikum
    Eat 7 Ajwa dates hadees cannot be true to islamic belief or common sense as Black magic does not exist nor anyone tried eating it and consume poison after to prove its worth.

    Kindly explain

  5. Student of Knowledge

    @ Br Shahid.

    This is my opinion:

    1. The hadith is in Bhukari (you can click on the link to see the reference). So there is no doubt in the authenticity of the hadith.
    2. There are many text in Quran and Sunnah that talk about curing nature of things. Like in Quran, Allah talks about the cure in honey. Prophet (May Allah peace and blessing be on him) talked about in black seeds there is cure for all disease.
    3. Islam doesn’t deny magic/black magic. Infact, In surah bakrah, Allah talks about how the two angels taught magic and all the fitna around it.
    4. Two sick people might take the same honey and one is cured and the other is not. Do we then say that when Allah says in the quran about honey is incorrect (aadobillah). Instead, the cure depends on the level of emaan of the person taking it. So if the person taking honey, black seed or ajwa dates, has true emaan that this thing will cure and protect him, then it will do so. Also I think another angle to this is the whole issue was qada – divine decree. Perhaps, Allah didn’t will it to happen.

    Hope that helps,

    Wallahu Allam

  6. Ilm Seeker

    As-salaamu ‘alikum,

    The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) was afflicted by magic; this one reason of revelation for surah Al-Falaq and surah An-Naas; check out and see. Magic is true, jinns are true, and Allah’s cure is true.

  7. Shahid Khan

    Salaamun Alaikum
    Auzoobillahi Minash shaytaan nir rajeem Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem

    First point:

    1. The hadith is in Bhukari (you can click on the link to see the reference). So there is no doubt in the authenticity of the hadith.

    a).Ajwa dates are exclusive dates of Medina and our Prophet eats them on daily basis, How could he been affected by magic.
    AllahSWT who corrects the Prophet at times when he makes mistake like he says in chapter 66 Surat At-Taĥrīm Ayat 1regarding honey, or Would the enemies of Messenger left the oppurtunity to mock at him at such oppurtunity to say he is under magical spell and he is unaware of what he does for a period of months together according to some hadees. Lets ponder and seek more of the truth -InshaAllah.

    JazakAllah Khairan

  8. Shahid Khan

    Salaamun Alaikum
    3. Islam doesn’t deny magic/black magic. Infact, In surah bakrah, Allah talks about how the two angels taught magic and all the fitna around it.

    Denying Magic or SIHIR is not my contention but the verses of Surah Baqarah verses 102 is not about the Angels who taught SIHIR but its is about the Shayaateen among men who taught SIHIR and they were Harut And Maroot. Because angels cannot be seen by men. look in to the verses 2.98 of the same Surah Baqarah and its mentioned about the two angels as Gibraeal and Mekaeel who come by the leave of Allah and spread the message from HIM and its is this what Sulaiman AS beleived.

    Was Allah messenger affected by magic or SIHIR check the link below

    May Allah guide us and make firm our guidance it is he who the best of bestower.

    JazakAllah Khair

  9. Student of Knowledge Post author

    AsSalamAlykum Br Shahid,
    There is no evidence to suggest that he would eat the ajwa dates on daily basis. The narration is the recommendation from him. There were days when he would fast, days where they would have nothing to eat etc.
    On the bigger level, we need to understand the whole issue of divine decree properly. Also what does the verses in surah tahreem means. What does it mean that he was infalible. How do we understand the incident in surah abasa etc. Some of these can’t be put in this comment and best left for scholars to explain.
    Briefly, my understanding is that in the matters of the deen, Prophets were always divinely guided and never made mistake in delivering the message and if they did, they were always corrected. But there were some wordly matters and issues, where Allah left the prophets on their own to make decisions and occasionally corrected them.
    Let me know if you need further clarification

    Wallahu Alam

  10. blog

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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