O Boy – Ya Ghulam!

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

This is the continuation of the series, that focuses on implementing sunnah in our lives.

Here is the sunnah items, we will be focusing on in this week:

Click here to show evidences/reference links

Sunnah’s of Eating:

After Eating:

Tip of the Week:

Go through the list again and for each item, ask yourself “Do I follow this sunnah most of time , or some of the time, rarely or not at all” and then act accordingly.

Action Item:

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8 thoughts on “O Boy – Ya Ghulam!

  1. Imtiaz

    Salamalaykum akhi,

    Sitting Etiquette:

    Kneel on one’s shins and front of the feet OR
    Keep the right left upright and sit on the left
    can you please quote the relevant hadith for the above sitting etiquette?

  2. Abdullah Abu Adam

    assalam alaikum student of knowledge :)
    suggestion please, to put the references at the bottom as it ruins the flow of the article with so many inline links

    jazakAllahu khaira katheeran!

  3. Student of Knowledge Post author

    @Imtiaz, Jazakallah Khair. I found this in the referenced Darus Salam book “More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night”. The author brings evidence for most of the topics. However, in regards to the description of sitting while eating, he mentions that this is preferred as explained by Ibn Hajar in Fath Al Baree. So I have removed the description for now, until we find the full details of the issue

  4. Student of Knowledge Post author

    What would you suggest? How can we link each item with the corresponding evidence hadith? Also link the relevant dua from makedua with each item. Should we use footnore kinda idea i, ii, iii ?

  5. war khalid

    Asalamu alaikum to ol, i heard somewhere that love before marriage iz haraam in islam, iz it right or wrong?

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