For quality and standards: at Ilm Fruits, our focus is two things: First, to produce high-quality, contemporary material suitable to our context (mostly Western societies in the 21st century). Second, to produce (usually) short, bite-sized pieces of information that benefit people and can be implemented immediately. The only exception to this is ‘ilm–things like aqeeda, pillars of Islam, inspiring stories of ashaab, tafseer, explanation of ahadith, etc. (Note that content is restricted to generally Islamic stuff.)

To contribute, you must first prove yourself. Email us and let us know you wish to contribute. Once we set up writing access for you (you’ll have to register with the blog), you have one month (probation period) to provide some quality posts, get some direction, etc. and see how it works for you. If it works out, you become a full-fledged author inshaAllah ta’ala.

Note: You must have a solid understanding of HTML, or be willing to learn inshaAllah. (It’s not that complicated–you just need to know two or three general principles.)

May Allah give us all the tawfeeq (ability) to succeed and perform all our deeds at the highest level of excellence, ameen.

23 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. sara

    pLEAse can someone shed light on halal and zabeha food .some people say we can eat chicken at kfc or anywhere since it is halal and some say no we cant since its not zabeha. please guide me to whats wrong and right in the light of quran and hadith.
    thank you

  2. Ilm Seeker Post author

    @Sara, as-salaamu ‘alikum wa rahmatullah. This is a long and deep discussion; I will give you an interesting quote that one of my teachers said: given a choice between meat of ahlil kitaab and halal meat of Muslims, every scholar agrees that the halal zabeeha of Muslims is better. So insha’Allah if you’re living in Muslim lands, or even if not, and there’s lots of halal zabiha around, insha’Allah eat from that.

    And with difference of opinion, it’s always better to avoid the difference of opinion.

    Wallahu ta’ala ‘alam.

  3. sara

    thank you for ur reply ,i agree with you. its just that the two mosques near our house, both the imams of these mosques say that its OK to eat chicken and meat from ihlil kitab and in mosque when there is a dinner the food is not necessarily zabiha that troubles me cause in mosque u r not expecting this and may eat whatever offered. although out side in usa everywhere we take care.
    thank you very much for ur guidance.

  4. ibrahim ali

    ” Our LORD Appreciated Christians as per Quranic Verses 3:55,5:82,57:27,28 Except Quranic Verses 5:57,9:31. As per Quranic Versus 4:59 and 83, it is our duty to spread the following messages to all concerns towards public peace, security, health and wealth of mankind in the world as per our website The following message ought to have published to all the members of the group so far.As per quranic versus 4:59 and 83 it is a duty tospread the following messages in the interest of public peace, health and wealth. “please download from web site http://WWW.GOLDENDUAS.COM for peace, security, health& wealth for mankind and the same may be published to all members of the group based on quranic verses 2:2,10:57,17:11,16,28:59,39:55,57,13:37&65:8. Otherwise it will amount to refusal to follow our Lord Order, guidance and direction as per Quranic verses 6:26″ Please kindly arrange to post the above said message in the group website in the interest of public to know all concerns in the interest of peace, security, health and wealth of all mankind. Otherwise it will amount to refuse to follow our Lord Order, guidance and direction as per Quranic verses 6:26
    With kind regards

  5. MissNad

    Assalam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!
    This blog is very informative MashaAllah.I’ve a request though please do teach us more asma-e-hasna.I’m very eager to learn more names.The problem is in my part of the world there aren’t much Islamic institutes and being a girl I’m not given much allowance to enroll in online courses,therefore I rely on all the free stuff on internet .JazakAllah Khair.

  6. Sheraz Anwar


    We are now trying to create sign boards at masjids to create awareness (we did a signboard to show that long trouser lenth is not allowed with a picture representation), do u have something like this for eg. on growing beards being sunnah, having a straight saff, etc.

    It would be great to have y’r support on above, may Allah reward y’r deeds.

    JazakAllah Khayr

  7. random

    Mash’Allah the blogs are all very good and I believe that they are very factual, may Allah Almighty reward you for creating this blog and getting muslims to share thier opinions together

  8. Asavira Shahid

    Asalam o alaikum wr wbr

    It’s nice to see the work and the contribution your website is giving to the muslim ummah.

    Alhamdulilah, I have also started this practice sometime back. I have a group and also a page on facebook “(One) Sunnah per week” where every week we post a sunnah that is compulsory for every member to follow.

    I know new habbits are difficult to develope that is the reason behind one sunnah per week. Today is the Week 12, and I came across your website as I was searching a reference for some hadis (manners of yawning) and google brought me to you.

    How lucky I feel to be here, May Allah(swt) accepts our efforts.

    If you ever happen to read my comment or require any of my services, please do drop up a email.

    Jazak Allahu khairun kaseer

  9. NAzry MOhamed

    MashaAllah Really an important site Thanks to everyone Alhamdhulillah ……….

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